"The only place you have no money is in your head, stop thinking you don't have money and think, how can I get money"

- Roy Inman

How You Can Invest In Property No Matter Where You Are Starting From!

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About Roy

My name is Roy Inman and I guess you landed here because you want to learn about enriching your life through property. But before I get in to that I want to share a bit about me.

I wrote this little bio for 2 reasons.

Firstly I wanted to review my journey from failure to success for my own sake, it’s all too easy to forget about where you started from and just how far you have come and just get caught up in focusing on the things that you still strive to achieve. . .

The second more important thing is to show you how an ordinary person just like me can change and enrich their life through property by following a few simple steps.

Today I am a successful property investor and business owner but let me take you back to where it all began:

A few years ago back in 1985 when I was just 5 years old I was diagnosed with a rare blood condition which was causing my spleen to destroy all my good blood cells and keep the bad ones, this resulted in me being extremely ill every few weeks with every kind of illness and virus that was floating around. For the following 3 years I spent 2 days every 3 months in hospital having blood transfusions and in 1988 I spent over 2 weeks in hospital while having a major operation to remove my spleen and save my life. When I awoke I had tubes coming out of my nose and from under a huge plaster that covered my whole stomach area. The surgeon who performed the operation informed me that my spleen was 3 times the size it should have been and would of eventually ruptured and killed me.

The same year my parents separated which followed by there divorce. This had a very big impact on me as for the first 2 years my mother had custody of both my brother and I, things were not great at home and this followed through to me being severely bullied throughout my whole life at school which had a devastating impact on my social skills, confidence and ability to network, communicate and trust people. This alone created many challenges for me through my life and into my career as a property investor, these were very difficult challenges for me to overcome and break through, which have allowed me to take my business and experience to the level that I now have.

When I was 11 my father gained custody of my brother and I, which led to us moving to my Grans and living with her. My Gran from then on was a very significant parental figure in my life as she wouls send us off to school in the morning and be there when I got home, my father would leave for work at 7.30am and not get home until late.

At the age of 12 I wanted to start working and earning money for myself but being to young to have a job I had to find a way around it, so I convinced my father to take on a Sunday paper round for me which I would do with him until I was 13 and old enough to do it on my own. The paper round paid £4 a week and as soon as I turned 13 I took the round on by myself, I then found out what it was like to have bills to pay and live in the real world as out of the £4 I would get I had to pay £1 a week for my rent, food etc.

At the time I thought this was outrageous but I had no concept of the real cost of everything in life and looking back my father wasn’t making any money from me, he was teaching me a very valuable lesson in money management. About 6 months later I took on a second paper round which was delivering Monday to Saturday which paid me £11 for the privilege, now the real lesson came when taking on my second job it meant that I had to pay HALF of my first job in rent and I got to keep all of my income from my second job, so out of the £4 I was earning I had to pay £2 in rent. It hardly seemed worth doing but luckily I enjoyed it, and it meant I got to keep all my income for my second job so I was happy, these were very important lessons to learn and I am very grateful to my father for them.

I left school at 16 and became a Chef through an apprenticeship scheme with a local hotel and attended college 1 day a week, (I had always liked cooking from a young age with my Gran baking cakes and helping her in the kitchen at home) this lasted for the next 3 years of my life until I qualified from college and left the hotel were I was working. In 1999 fully qualified and with awards I had won at college, I headed off for 6 months to work in the French Alps – Pra Loup 1600 as a Sous Chef in a hotel through the winter season, where I managed to snow board pretty much everyday.

I came back from France in April 2000 and found a job just outside Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire as a Sous Chef in a seafood restaurant working 50-60 hours, 6 days a week and my 1 day I did get off was in the week when everyone else was at work.

This was when I really started to think about my future as a Chef and how this would work in the future when I decided to settle down and have a family. With extremely long unsocial able hours and as a working damn hard I started to think that as much as I loved being a Chef it wasn’t going to wprk ofr my long term.

I describe being a chef as “you live to work, you don’t work to live” which I found very quickly wasn’t the situation I wanted to be in. The salary also did not compensate for the hours, in fact when I started that job I was on £11,000 pa which on an average 55 hour week that I was doing, works out at £3.84 per hour and I started to think how am I going to, not only support a family in the future, but also buy a house, provide everything to my children and be able to spend the quality time with them doing the things that I wanted to do, while on such a low wage and working such long unsocial able hours.

You maybe able to relate to this and the struggle to either find the time to do the things that you would love to do with friends and family, or the struggle with not having the money available to do those things, for me it was both, I had lack of time and a very short supply of money to spend doing the things that I wanted to do, without even getting in to all the things that I wanted to be able to do with my children and family in the future.

This was a real worry and concern to me that made me feel sick to the bone, as I didn’t want my children to grow up hardly getting to see their father because I was always at work, and even when I wasn’t we couldn’t afford to do the things that we wanted to do and they had to go with out…Some Thing HAD to CHANGE!

This was when I made the decision that property was going to change this for me and be able to create the freedom and lifestyle that I wanted and at the age of 20 I started to research all about property by speaking to Solicitors, Estate Agents, Surveyors, Letting Agents, Auctioneers, Builders etc to learn what all the different aspects were to buying a property and renting it out. At this point I had never even rented a property before let alone bought one.

After 6 months in September 2001 I purchased my first property from Auction, refurbished it and rented it out. Since then I have gone on to build a portfolio of 68 properties and counting, set up Sure Move Lettings were we are Lettings, Management and Property Investment Consultants, Sourcing properties and Building Portfolio for Clients offering a Full Hands Free Service through Sure Move Portfolio Builder

I am also the founder of Property Success were we also teach and educate people like you, how you can follow my simple 5 step formula to building a profitable property portfolio to enrich your life and enable you to be able to do the things you love, when you want to.

This hasn’t come easily and I have made many mistakes along the way from buying properties in the wrong area, renting to the wrong tenants all the way through to financing properties in the wrong way. However from making these mistakes and learning what to do and what not to do, it’s allowed me to fine tune the best and quickest ways to invest in property so that you are able to fast track your Property Success with out having to make the same mistakes I did.

It is my goal to Enrich Peoples Lives Through Property so if you know someone who would like to learn more about investing in property, to generate a passive income and become financially free to allow them to live the life they truly want, then they should come to my next event ‘Property Success Secrets’ where you can learn more about my Simple 5 Step Formula To Finacial Freedom Through Property…And Why Right NOW is the Best Time To Invest!

Click Here to find out more about the event, and Enrich Your Life Through Property.

I look forward to working with you and helping to transform your life.